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My kids love to trace on their storybooks, on the floor, and on any surface they meet.

This inspires me to create a tracing packet for them so that they can trace on the papers and do many other things with it, without having to turn the house into a large canvas.

This Apple Tracing packet is perfect for you if you are looking for exciting Apple activities or exciting tracing activities.

Not only your little ones will get to trace the many Apples, but they will also have the chance to color the Apples to their color preference!

Let’s dive into what activities included in this exciting packet.

Activity #1 : Tracing the Apples

For the first set of activities, you will get 60 exciting apples with lots of lines and decorations.

There are simple lines such as horizontal lines and vertical lines, and there are also fun lines such as the wiggle lines and some shapes.

Let’s take a peek at some of the 60 Apples.

Apple printable activities for kids

My kids love to do this activity because once they are done with the tracing, they will get to color the Apples.

Apple Activities for preschool

Activity #2 : Tracing the Apples in the Tree

To add more fun, have your kids trace the Apples that are still in the tree and that are on the ground.

Let me share with you a sneak peek of the activity.

Apple activities for preschool

Your kids will have so much fun with them!

apple activity for preschool

Activity #3 : Tracing Numbers in the Apples

The final set of activity is about tracing numbers in the apples.

These apples are arranged in the corresponding number sequence number 1 to number 10.

Your little ones will have fun tracing the numbers and coloring the apples.

apple printable activities for kids

Grab your packet by clicking on the ‘Add One to Cart’ button.

I hope you love this packet as much as we do!



PDF (4 MB|18 pages)

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